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Psh Having fun while I can.

2012-01-21 04:53:03 by Heyitzrin

Messing around on newgrounds like I used to when I was 10-12 so much fun and seems everything is still here! Looking to maybe do some voices in little skits for people. I can pitch bend my voice alot so I hope someone thinks I'm good enough to do voices.



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2012-01-29 23:25:42

cool. hope you have a good voice. psh have fun


2012-02-02 20:34:17

Well, you're officially here now so welcome! Gotta good mic? Let's hear this amazing voice ability. No worries about your artistry though; very life-like. Almost creepy good.

Heyitzrin responds:

Hahaha thankyou so much I would need to get a new mic, but I was already looking at one to start doing youtube covers again. But yea if you have a skype you can add me (casi4ever) and I can let you hear but I don't know when I will be getting a new mic.


2012-02-11 01:02:46

I think I'm trying too hard to like the redesign here... anyway, found this lurking the perimeter es/voice-recording . Good luck! I know we can both make do with what we've got... just got er git er dun! All my previous video (w/ progressively better audio) was done on videotapes which I can't play back anymore.

Heyitzrin responds:

I know what you mean with the design....Its insane...after all those years of simpleness and suddenly killing us with this huge update. That and not to mention the whole down time they had x.x. But I just recently purchased two different mic's that both work differently I honestly don't know which would be better for recording tho ><.